The 3rd

EmpathiCH Workshop

Empathy-Centric Design: Scrutinizing Empathy Beyond the Individual

11 May 2024 | Hawaiʻi  | Hybrid

Upcoming Event


with Rachel Adler & Bruno Oro

Workshop Themes

Theme 1:

Empathy in Post-Humanist HCI

With the rapid evolution of HCI, our understanding of the human within the loop is expanding beyond traditional boundaries. The modern technological ecosystem presents opportunities to empathize not just with other humans, but also with externalized representations of self (digital avatars), sociopolitical causes via a digital landscape, collective groups identified with (or in solidarity) with an identity or cause, as well as digital and artificial interactive agents.

Empathy towards externalized representations of self and other

Empathy towards a collective experience

Theme 2:

The Role of the Researcher in Empathy-Centric Design

Empathy-centric design places empathy at the forefront of the design process. However, as the HCI community places increased emphasis on empathy-centric design, the role of the researcher in facilitating and studying these designs becomes pivotal, multifaceted and deserves scrutiny.

How can research be approached in an empathetic way?

Who guides the empathy exercise?

Theme 3:

Going beyond “empathy as perspective taking”

In HCI, empathy is often linked to perspective-taking, but it’s vital to move beyond this limited view. Empathy is a complex concept with various layers. Ethical issues arise, such as whose needs are considered and whether it’s fair. These concerns become more significant in complex situations influenced by biases. By addressing these ethical intricacies, HCI can progress towards a more inclusive and just design approach.

Emotional resonance and contagion

Examining Empathic Accuracy